Firewalk Sales works with sales professionals with a variety of personalities and experiences. It’s so interesting. Their attitude towards the business, leadership, and solution set always comes through. All else being equal, individual perspective can make the difference between exceeding sales numbers or falling short.

Here’s an old fable that illustrates the point pretty well:

Two sales reps get sent to a remote village to see if there is an opportunity to sell shoes. Shortly after arrival, the first salesperson calls headquarters and says, “Stop shipment! Not a single villager wears shoes so there’s zero opportunity. We will never sell shoes here.”

A few minutes later, the second sales rep calls headquarters and says, “Send me everything you’ve got! None of these villagers have shoes so there is an incredible opportunity to sell shoes here!”

Two different people with two different views on the same situation. One sees scarcity and hopelessness where the other sees opportunity and abundance.

Perspective makes all the difference.

Perhaps more importantly, changing the world often begins with changing our view of the world.


After more than six years in business, I started considering a branding shift within Charlene Ignites, LLC. There were two major goals:  1) Better speak to my ideal target clients in both messaging and aesthetic  2) Better differentiate my personal brand from the growing company brand. Still, I struggled to find the inspiration until participating in an intense personal development retreat. You can read even more details of the story here.

A Spark of Inspiration

Upon returning from the retreat, I described a powerful firewalking experience to one of my clients. With an expression of bewilderment, he remarked, “That must have been terrifying and painful.”

“Actually,” I replied with a shrug, “It was surprisingly fun and easy.”

On the spot, I described my personal firewalking experience in ten steps:

  1. Get your mind right.
  2. Listen to your expert guide.
  3. Ensure you have the right materials.
  4. Proclaim your intentions with clarity, confidence, and conviction.
  5. Believe in the science.
  6. Walk, don’t rush, and don’t stop until you are fully through the finish line.
  7. Use the love and support all around you to make the experience better.
  8. Focus your attention on the receiver.
  9. Wipe your feet, and clear away any little annoying tidbits.
  10. Celebrate!

My client looked at me, chuckled slightly, and said, “Ya know…. That sounds a lot like how you’ve been teaching us to sell.”

The Light Bulb Moment

It was an epiphany! He was right on. My mission is all about helping business builders who see sales as difficult, a little scary, and kinda painful. Many of them would rather walk on flaming hot coals than make 100 cold calls. Yet, they want the growth. They want the transformation. They are ready to take the leap of faith to learn the mindset, message, and method that will take them to the next level.

While the Firewalk Sales System is prescriptive in many ways, it is also perceptive. Human beings are complicated. Selling effectively so your ideal clients can buy confidently can’t be done by a script. It’s an art as much as a science. Done well, it can even feel a little like magic.

Just like the firewalk.

Let’s put the art, science, magic to work for you. Schedule your free, helpful consultation this week.