Firewalk Sales is relationship-based, B2B sales training and strategic guidance.

Our unique approach is both perceptive and prescriptive, so that you can better connect with your ideal customers, close bigger deals, and grow faster.

The Firewalk Sales System takes groups, leaders, and individuals through three vital steps:


Sales skill assessment & sales success mindset: Let’s make sure you have the right butts in the right seats, and that everyone’s heads and hearts are also in the right place. You can have everything else in your business be absolutely perfect, and be sabotaged by the six inches between the ears of whoever is supposed to be picking up the phone.


Messaging, emails, voicemails, presentations, and proposals: Marketing and sales need to work in lockstep, so that you build authentic connections, maximize engagement, and optimize the sales cycle. It’s no longer as simple as “dialing for dollars.” How you communicate with clients and prospects matters more now than ever.


Multi-channel, multi-touch approach to lead engagement, follow up, and closing business: If you have a process, we’ll fill some divots and make it better. If you don’t have one, we’ll create it. Our seven-touch method should be a good start. In addition to wanting revenue to scale, you want to be able to duplicate that success as you grow.

Transform the sales experience for you, your team, and your customers.